Laying the groundwork for a stronger family

Making the decision to move 1,000 miles away from the deep roots you’ve put down over the course of your life is not an easy one. I speak from experience, as it took my husband and I years to finally decide to move from the cold northeast to the mild climate of Tennessee. Now that […]

Being grateful for unanswered prayers

We all have unanswered prayers, although we may each know them by different names. They are the desires of our heart, things we wish for so deeply and are so sure that we want. Sometimes, the door slams so hard in our face on these hopes that it feels we will never even get close. […]

What Driver’s Ed teaches you about solving problems

When you took Driver’s Education in high school, you were taught to be aware of all your surroundings so you would be safe behind the wheel. As you looked ahead, you scanned the traffic and the roadsides. You glanced regularly at your rear view mirror, where you kept an eye on the vehicles and the […]

The inevitable transition of seasons

  Seeing your little one off on the first day of school. Waving goodbye as your baby heads to college. Giving your daughter away at her wedding.   Seasons. Our lives are full of seasons and the small and large In-Between times. I wrote previously about stubbornly refusing to let go of summer, as though […]

A bridge too far and a bar too high

Giving is something you love to do. You give of your time, your money, and yourself. This is a wonderful thing, as you love to bring joy to those you care about. Whether you realize it or not, every time you give, you set the bar and pay a price. This may go exactly as […]

Through grateful eyes: a fresh perspective

As a parent, you have probably experienced close calls and feelings of helplessness with your children. Your toddler disappears from the backyard. The police call to say that your teens have been in a car accident. Your daughter phones from across the ocean, sobbing about how a sadistic old woman—her host mother for her junior […]

An important lesson from a toe-curling adventure

 I could tell you our lives have been in minor upheaval for months and we are just beginning to see normal again. You might nod your head in understanding, as you’ve been through those seasons, too, where routines just fall by the wayside. As a consequence, we often find ourselves dealing with something more time-consuming after […]

Five ideas to break the unproductive habit of multitasking

I have a running disagreement with a lovely woman who believes to her core she is extremely capable of accomplishing multiple to-do’s at once. When I suggest slowing down and focusing on one chore at a time, this accomplished dynamo of a retiree laughs and replies there is no reason to do so when she […]

Moms-Take five for a date

    Moms, we are notorious for not taking time for ourselves. Do our kids need help with homework? We’re there. Is our child’s sports team asking for volunteers? We’re on it. Does someone need to get to an appointment? We’ll drive them. We will just keep scraping the bottom of the barrel for any […]

5 Ways to create margin in your life

The much anticipated and equally dreaded Spring Forward! time change has arrived. Those of us who have experienced it with children know how exciting it is for the kids to be able to play outside longer and later, but also know how it can disrupt sleep and morning routines. If you are functioning right to […]

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