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encourage dreamers


I recently wrote about giving your children the freedom to dream and shared an interview I had done with a young man who wished to become a Navy SEAL.

Being a parent of any child is difficult, especially when they choose a goal that is challenging, takes a great deal of courage, and can be quite dangerous.

But, encouraging your dreamers is an important part of being a parent.

You need to let their the imaginations run free, to engage in pretend play, and to dip their toes into the waters of What If.

It is through these activities that their skills, abilities, and desires will begin to show themselves.


One great way to help bring those dreams into focus is to create a vision board, which is a “visual representation of the life you want to have”.

Memetales shares at Blogher on How to Vision Board with the Kids.

I love the idea of doing this activity with your kids, especially for the school year.

Of course, dreams won’t become reality without taking action.

Dr. Neil Farber is a fan of Action Boards, and shares an example of how -to here.


While you encourage the dreamers, it’s important to let go of who and what you think your children should be and help them bloom in their beautifully unique way.

Here’s some terrific encouragement and food for thought in that vein:

What Ricochet the Dog Teaches us about Parenting


Encouraging dreamers sometimes means saying yes to a mess. Eeeeek!

I noted previously there tends to be something about providing the space, time and/or materials for your child to bloom that brings out your inner naysayer.

There is a better, more constructive and helpful perspective, and you can read it here:

3 Ways to Become a Happier Yes! Mom


And, just so you know I’ve been where you are, and that there is hope, here is a sweet piece of encouragement:

What happens when you encourage a daughter?


Question: How have you encouraged your dreamers?

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  1. Aw w, this is one to share with my children for my grandchildren; or I can give it a try too. I do wish that parents would take the time to assist their children with exploring their dreams of what they want in life. This is one to share; thanks, and blessings for you!
    Living Waters by LeAnn recently posted…A Walk Down Memory Lane – Back To My Roots~My Profile

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