You are a walking advertisement for you

you are a walking advertisement for you

Do you remember those old-fashioned sandwich boards?

Businesses would, and still do, employ people to walk around to market their businesses.

Similarly, you are a walking advertisement for you.

As the lyrics of that old song from The Police go:

Every breath you take, every move you make, every bond you break, every step you take, I’ll be watching you.

Yes indeedy.


This is important, because your behavior speaks volumes about who you are.


Just this weekend my hubbie and I bought a nifty stroller off Craigslist for my granddaughter’s upcoming visit.

We got to chatting with the nice dad—I know, me, strike up a conversation? :-)

One thing led to another, and he offered to give us a bunch of clothes for Natalie that his daughter had outgrown. Squeee!

What if I had been a jerk, or standoffish, or anything other than what I had been?

I certainly wouldn’t have offered free clothes to me in that case.


My bloggy friends Ilene and Tamara both run businesses.

Ilene makes the best-ever granola and will be opening her doors to the public soon, and Tamara is an amazing photographer.

Additionally, they are able to make words sing and dance on the page.

What if they were snippy,. catty, and downright mean to others as their everyday behavior?

Their opportunities would dry up faster than a puddle in the hot July sun.


Whether you like it or not, you are a walking advertisement for you with every breath you take and every move you make. (Like that? Click here to share!)

Someone is watching, a la Santa, and taking note of your character.

When a door opens, hopefully you will come to mind for them in a good way, and a fruitful and positive connection will be made.

Come on over to Engaged Marriage where I continue this discussion and share helpful tips: Your Life is a Job Interview

I’d love to have you join the discussion!


PS-Remember, it’s not just about jobs. It’s about doors opening in all areas of your life.

PSS-Oh, how I love endless loops of happiness. The delightful Tamara has written about me today. I humbly and happily direct you there, too. :-)

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