Making room for white space


Making room for white space


Do you make room for white space in your life?

This graphic design term is a great metaphor for how we choose to live.

To quote graphic designer/publisher Fred Showker of DT&G:

White space is important because it refines a design and gives the other elements, image and type, room to exist.

Did you catch that? “Gives other elements room to exist.”

Hmmmm. Let that powerful principle roll around in your head for a moment.


It’s a lot like growing a garden.

If you decide to plant enough vegetables to feed a small country, but work with a closet-sized plot, the seedlings will soon choke each other out because they don’t have the necessary space.

Yet, if you leave room and plant far less, your garden will thrive.


In your life, you need that same white space to rejuvenate, rejoice, and be resourceful.

You are ultimately in charge of what has been planted, and more importantly, what is yet to take root.

There are activities on your calendar that need some TLC, and others like stubborn weeds that just need to be yanked.

Start today by putting stakes in the ground to start enlarging the white space in your life.

For ideas on the nuts and bolts of the how-to, be sure to read Overwhelmed? Six Steps to More Peace of Mind.


Question: How does your garden grow? Are there weeds you need help pulling? Seedlings that you want to flourish? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


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Original image credit: Amanda Wray

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  1. I definitely have many weeds that need pulling – many about self-worth and fear and anxiety. And of course, they give birth to other weeds and it gets very tangled. I can only pull so many. I’m sprouting seedlings for the next big thing – getting over many of my career fears. At least a little bit.
    Tamara recently posted…It’s Because You Care.My Profile

    • Those weeds do give birth to more, don’t they? Ack!
      Glad to hear you’re getting over your career fears. Your photography captures such sweet emotion. I imagine it brings families great joy!

  2. Yoga is all about “creating space” so I found myself nodding my head through this entire post. I love the idea of giving ourselves that space and in that space, the room to grow. Lovely.
    Ilene recently posted…Upside DownMy Profile

    • It is, isn’t it? (I say even though it’s been years since I’ve done yoga…) Yes, quiet white breathing space is vital. Glad this resonated.

  3. Kim, I’m thankful for this reminder to just make space…I’ll start there.
    Good words!
    Jody Collins recently posted…ThankslivingMy Profile

  4. Ok I know I need white space. My weeds – clutter. I need to get rid of it. It’s choking the garden!
    Michelle recently posted…Hey Coach: Give the Kid a Chance! {Guest Post from Eli at Coach Daddy}My Profile

    • Ooh, evil clutter. It can be so hard to let go! I’ve been there, done that, got those massive piles of stuff to prove it. Ugh.
      When we went through Financial Peace, Michelle, and truly started following a budget, we became very intentional about our buying: we just bought less. Over time we experienced a heart-change: we let go of so much and didn’t want to bring all that other stuff into the house. I can tell you it’s such a wonderful feeling of lightness and joy!

  5. Love the simplicity of this post and its powerful reminder. We just don’t tend to leave any white space in today’s busy schedules and constant push to achieve. And yet it is in the white space where we find greatness.

    • Yes, yes! Well said, Skip. Great ideas, solutions, and especially time to create memories with our families and friends!
      Thanks, and glad you enjoyed this! Just love it when gentlemen share their point of view!

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