Leading, following, embracing

You must watch the following video narrated by Derek Sivers before reading the rest of my post, as it won’t make sense without it. Even if you have seen it before, watch it again and enjoy the amusing characters and witty commentary.  I encourage you to also think about where you are versus where you think you are supposed to be.

Go watch. I’ll wait.

{Humming happy song to self and can’t help but watch over your shoulder}



Sivers points out the leader to us, the first risk taker, the shirtless guy who steps out and just starts doing his thing. It takes a lot of faith and courage to be that visionary, that first risk taker, but apparently not a lot of dancing talent. :)

He gives the credit for really breaking the ice and rallying the troops, however, to the first follower, and then to the second, while noting that the movement wouldn’t pick up steam without the leader’s strong support of the followers.


Have you ever thought of a family or organization in that way, that the leader cannot lead without followers?

And have you ever thought about the importance of each and every component of the organization?

I am not talking about mere lip service here, dear readers, where you repeat the mantra that there is no shame in doing or being “x”.

I am talking about embracing each and every part.

I now recognize that have spent too much time in my life wanting to be the visionary leader, the standard bearer whom everyone follows.

But, alas, I have discovered that I am not that person.

I am much more likely to be among the first followers, one who enthusiastically encourages others to join in or create a movement, one who holds out her hand and with loads of faith and joy says, “It’s ok, have courage, here are resources and information to help you. The path is this way.”

It is not a lesser place.

It is just a different place.

It is my place, where I operate at my peak, where I thrive.

It is me, allowing myself to bloom as I was designed.

This is really being brought home to me this year, especially as I pay attention to and explore My One Word for the year: Follow.

Yesterday at church our pastor gave a great sermon on that talked about following, and asked whether we were standing on the shore, had waded in just up to our ankles, or had gone in all the way. He reminded us to let go and follow.

So what I ask today is this: Are you letting go and following your God given gifts, strengths and talents? Are you embracing who and what you are? And are you doing the same for your children?

Here are some resources for you, and remember that I’d love to hear what you think, what you’re doing and where you’re going. Remember there is loads of love and encouragement here, especially those of you who have lurked for so long.

Take the reins. Hit the “Leave a comment” button beside the title of the post, and share your two cents.

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  1. Hi Kim,

    Love your insights and style.

  2. Kim, thank you for this wonderful inspiration to freely follow our God-given gifts!
    May we, as you wrote, fully embrace who we are!
    May we celebrate who God made us to be – – and gladly follow His lead!

  3. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. So glad to be of help, service and inspiration!

  4. I love this and I’m going to use it with some followers in my life who might not realize just how important they are! Thanks so much for sharing this, Lisa! I love your blog and will be stopping back by from now on!

    • What a great idea, Beth. It can be hard to be a follower when you have a lot of leaders amongst your family and friends, so encouragement is always a good idea. What a sweet friend you are!


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