Willing to Change

I attended a seminar years ago, and the instructor said something that has stayed with me. It was so simple, yet so profound. He said, “Change your point of view and you will change your life.” I have been blessed to apply this straightforward axiom to my life, and to ultimately enjoy and embrace change.

Very often, when we are disappointed in or dissatisfied with our lives, we tend to strike out at and blame those we love. If our spouse would only be more thoughtful, we wouldn’t nag as much. If our kids would do their chores, we wouldn’t be hollering at them. If our boss treated us better, we would be more productive at work. It just is never our fault.

Take a few steps off that well-worn path to see things from a different perspective. Take some time, and replay some of those conflicts in your head, and watch yourself in action. Ouch. It really isn’t very pretty, and you’ll be tempted to turn that movie off. Hopefully, instead, you will make some observations and take action towards making positive change.

Take note that I am not suggesting here that the solution is to send your entire family to obedience school. (Be honest-Don’t you secretly wish that you could do that?) Do not fall back on that tired excuse again that if everyone else changed, then you would be happier. If everyone else did exactly what you wanted, wouldn’t that make this world the most peachy-keen place ever? Of course it would, but that is just not going to happen. So, come back from fantasy land, and start thinking about how you can make a change for the better. Yes, you.

Take a look, do some thinking, spend some time in prayer. Take steps-they don’t have to be giant ones-towards being the kind of person you would like to be, more of the time. Every day is a fresh start, and speaking for myself, an opportunity to be a better, wiser, and more humble person.

I encourage you to move your feet today to see what you have been missing.

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  1. So glad you posted this again….am always telling our children…the only thing you can fix (read CHANGE
    ) is you. What a lovely midday refresher, thanks.

    • Thanks so much for your kind comments, Chelle! It’s such an important message for our children, and especially important for them to see us follow through on changing ourselves rather than grumbling about others!


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